Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gray Day: Part 2

Speaking of gray on my earlier post today, it made me look outside at yet another gray, dreary day in Ohio. Staying motivated and healthy in January is a challenge. Last September boasted several hot days that we could celebrate great garden veggie purchases and still be outside to grill them. I did an entire grill full of different veggies for soup and made lots of containers for the freezer. Today I pulled out a container for lunch. Yay for a Gray lunch Day!

Gray Days

I've been deciding what to paint my living room which is one big open area with the kitchen, library and the stairways to the other levels. I have had olive green for 9 years and have loved its ease of use with all colors from golds and yellows to orange to red to brown and also black. I have decided on gray and was pleasantly surprised to read this blog today. The Color Marketing Group determines the color trends of everything you will buy in the next few years. More will be posted on this huge color change decision at a future time. Yay for Gray!