Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big Box Treasures

How many times a month are we in our local mass merchandise store for those everyday items such as deodorant, milk, scotch tape and birthday cards? It seems our normal quest for anything to do with decorating is a last minute basic candle or placemat purchase. Keep hunting… there is a multitude of treasures for you to save on your decorating budget. No need to haul off to Ikea (for me-over 2 hours) or to the antique shop which I scour continually. Hidden treasures are things like bolts of ribbon – sometimes for less than $2. Buy tons of colors and keep them on hand for gift wrapping, pillow trim, hanging Christmas cards, pony tail tying.  Inexpensive lamps can create an intimate area without spending a lot.

I found a really cool towel to create more of the look I wanted in my guest bathroom. Also check these stores for hooks instead of investing more than you need to in fancy hardware.

Using the same color plastic hangers throughout a closet looks better than a mish-mash of hanging devices. Maybe a project for a rainy day Saturday?

Mass merchandise stores carry great ready-to-assemble furniture that is so affordable and will hold up a lot longer than last generation’s counterparts. Check out how fitting this Sauder maple bedside table is in my Amy Butler inspired room.

Get over the stereotype of particle board furniture and get into the price point and the styles created for every decorating style.  There is lots of inspiration just around the corner. Be inventive!


  1. Glad to see you back to blogging! You are my inspiration!

  2. You can even paint the partical board!